Saturday, June 11, 2016

How To Prepare To Sell Your Home

     Are you ready to sell your home? Are you curious as to what you should do to get your home ready to sell? I will give you some pointers to prepare before your home goes on the market. Lets start with the simple steps first.
  1. DEPERSONALIZE: You will want the buyer to be able to see themselves in the home. Personal items such as family pictures may hinder the visualization process. Put things such as make up or toothbrushes away. Remove items that are attached that you plan to keep. That could be a favorite chandelier, prize rose bush, or a built in book shelf your uncle made. Basically, anything you would not want to stay with the house.

  2. DECLUTTER: It's time to address those piles of paper that have been sitting there for years. Now is a great time to put all that paper to use by using it to wrap up the knickknack collection that you have been building since high school. Get brave and tackle that laundry monster that scares the life out of you. You could clear those boxes from the garage, empty them out and have a yard sale or donate it to charity. Get rid of the extra furniture that doesn't allow you to move through the room freely. If your not quite ready to do a yard sale or donate your extras, consider renting a storage unit to keep it safe until your home has sold and you are ready to move into your new home.  You will want to simplify your home to give it that loved and well taken care of feel.

  3. ORGANIZE: Once you have decided what you will keep, it's time to organize. That closet that has everything stuffed in and piled on the floor, tackle it. Get the clothes on hangers. Put the pants together, line up the shoes, fold and stack the t-shirts and maybe even color coordinate everything. Whats going on with DVDs and books? Are they placed in order or tossed around? How about the pantry? You never know where people will look. If your not big on organizing you could consider hiring a pro.
     Now that you have knocked out the simple steps, lets work on the fun stuff. Do you remember all those projects you have been putting off? Now is the perfect time to finally get them out of the way.

  1.  CLEAN: I personally am not a fan of this step either but it is an important step. Get out that bucket of soapy water, get the gloves on and get the wash rags. When is the last time you washed down the walls? How about the window sill? Yep, its time to get down and dirty... wash the windows, scrub the floors, wipe out the cabinets, clean the carpets, dust the house and got the idea. If you have more money than you do time, hire someone to do it for you.

  2. BEAUTIFY THE OUTSIDE: How's the curb appeal? If your yard is lacking luster it may be time to do some weeding, mowing, and planting. If you walk across the street and take a good look, what do you see? If it looks great then skip this step. If it makes you cringe just a little then address those issues. You can be sure your sellers will see what you see.

  3. REPAIR: As you progress to this step, I am sure along the way you have run across a few things that should be fixed. If it's easy, touch up the paint, fix the leaking faucet, replace the caulk around the tub or shower enclosure or even tighten up the hinges on the door. If it is complicated, like a cracked window, damage to the siding, rotten window sills or something that is out of your range of expertise then you should consider hiring an expert.

   You polished off your to-do list and you think everything looks great, now what? Ask a friend to come visit and have them give an honest opinion. Just remember, you can only make one first impression, and you want your prospective buyer to have a good one. If you have already hired a Realtor have them stop in and look the house over. If you haven't hired a Realtor to put your home on the market now is as good of a time as any to find a great one to work with. If you are in Colorado Springs, CO or the surrounding area request your free Comparable Market Analysis today and lets talk.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Want To Buy A Home...

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You have decided you are ready to buy a home but you're not sure where to start. I will walk you through the steps you may want to consider.

  1. Your first step should be to contact a Mortgage Broker. You will want, and need someone to verify your ability to purchase the home you find to buy. You will need to find out what your budget will allow you to spend. If you are a cash buyer then this step of course can be skipped. 

  2. If you are buying your home with another person you should consider sitting down together to decide what the most important features are in the home you would want to buy. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, size of the yard or maybe even the style of the house.

  3. Find a Real Estate Agent to work with. You will want to share the details of your desired home and the budget you are working with to help the Realtor you hire help you.

  4. Look at several homes. You may want to consider bringing a note book to keep track of the pros and cons of each home you look at.

  5. Once you have narrowed it down let your Real Estate Agent know you have made a decision. Your offer will then be submitted.

  6. You should want to have the home inspected. Its up to you how you go about it. I would recommend using an inspector that has a licence to do the job.

  7. Provided the inspection went well you will move along in the process to get to closing.

  8. During closing you will have a lot of documents to sign and closing costs to cover. Not the most fun you will have during your house shopping event, but maybe the most exciting since you will now have achieved your goal of owning a home.
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