Monday, September 5, 2016

The Old North End in Colorado Springs

The Old North End is by far one of my favorite neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Many of the houses were built in the late 1800's to early 1900's. The neighborhood is located to the north of Colorado College. You can see a map of the neighborhood at You will find wonderful Victorian style homes. The attention to detail is obvious in every house. As you walk down the streets in the neighborhood you will see homes colorfully painted and lovingly taken care of. Don't be surprised to see that a few homes still have the old horse tie ups.

I used to live in the Old North End. I loved the two homes I lived in. The neighbors were always friendly and were quick to start up a conversation. I had a cat that used to like to take walks with me and the kids. Sometimes he was a bit naughty and not as helpful as he could have been when helping a few neighbors garden. Cats just don't make good gardeners. They do seem to be great conversation starters though. The friendly neighbors made it hard to leave the neighborhood.

One of my favorite things about the homes in the area are the big front porches. The big porch just gives a welcoming feel to a house that almost invites conversation. I feel it is what helps promote the friendly feel of the area. The detail to all the trim work inside the homes in this area are impressive. I was lucky enough to live in homes where the wood was never painted over. The cut leaded glass windows were beautiful, though far from energy efficient. Both of the homes I lived in always required work, as to be expected from an old home. The charm of living in a home with history always made it worth the work.

The variety of architecture in the Old North End is wonderful. I always loved that not all the houses looked the same. It is always nice to see people be able to express themselves through where they live.

One such neighbor I had while I lived in the neighborhood had his whole home one the outside full of art and many miscellaneous items he acquired through yard sales. The inside of his home was filled with books and plants and many more things he acquired through his lifetime. Bill was a wonderful character that I think of often even though he passed away many years ago.

My favorite park is located near the Old North End. Monument Valley Park is within walking distance. The park is filled with trails, a play area for the kids, and creek. If you like to jog or ride a bike for recreation this is a great park for that. Monument Valley Park stretches for miles. When I lived in the area we used to walk downtown as well. Sometimes a morning stroll for coffee and a bagel. Other times an evening stroll for pizza or what ever we were in the mood for. There are lots of options in downtown Colorado Springs when it comes to eating.

I know I loved living in the Old North End part of town. If you are interested in living in or around this area I can help. Search for homes in the 80907 area code or contact me directly so I can also help you in your search.

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